Green Little Things is the creation of a woman who believes that the world needs to make more sustainable and healthier choices. She went to study Fashion Bachelor in college BUT, at some point along the way, she reconnected with nature, her true soul and mission in this life. As a result, she created a platform to offer a little knowledge of what she has learned by now about smart consumerism and sustainability.
The store was born to offer products that can be used by anyone and everyone. We are here to support you build the community you want to be part of and to live a journey of less waste and more meaning.
We also encourage the practice of Yoga, meditation and other mindful activities that will increase your individual wellbeing and both mental and physical health.
Striving to live by our core values, we aim to help to build a world that we will be proud of living in the future.
GLT Mission
Our mission is to promote the idea that everyone can live a life of less waste and more meaning by changing small habits and with that, reduce the impact in nature, and be more compassionate to the world we live in.
GLT Values
Integrity. Eco-friendly. Lasting Impact. Empowering.