I recently had a get together with my friends to celebrate one of my best friend’s birthday which was exactly the opposite of an eco-friendly party. The amount of waste that was collected in the end was giving me all sorts of anxiety: plastic plates, cutlery, present wraps, plastic cups, decorations. Just because this way it is more convenient and it “looks nicer”.

I definitely didn’t agree with these reasons, so I decided to collect some information and share with you some tips to throw an eco-friendlier looking good summer party!


  • Invitations

With technology, who needs a paper invitation? Plan your party in a Facebook event or make a flyer using an easy tool like Canva and send to your friends via WhatsApp.


  • Avoid plastic at all cost!

Plastic is thrown away and taken to a landfill where it sits for hundreds of years or even worse, ends up in the ocean affecting all marine life, health and the beauty of our seas. So, for that, no plastic will be accepted in your mid-summer party.

Nowadays you can easily find bio-degradable, recyclable, compostable and/or reusable options for plates, cups and straws. If there is time to plan, you can even order these supplies online where you might have a bigger range of options.

If you are planning a small reunion with friends, I would even suggest using your own cutlery and plates. Use that help of those friends that always offer to help washing and cleaning after and that you always turn down. Say yes, this time.


  • No balloons, yes bubbles!

There are some bio-degradable balloon options, but they are not always easily found. Instead of buying balloons, mix water and soup and you will have a much more fun experience. End of the day, balloons just sit there and making bubbles brings people to interact and laugh. After a couple of marguerites, louder laughs.

Also, you can make flowers using paper - I think that a summer party without flowers is not a summer party so far. You can make them big to use as decoration, and small ones to make nice flower crowns to your guests! Check out for this DYI.


  • Food and Drinks

Still on the no plastic wave: if you are buying snacks in the shop, make sure you opt for those that come in a recyclable package. If you want to go full in on that and cook – which is what I would do - don’t overload yourself: ask your friends and family to help you out with the cooking.

This is the best way to control waste, you can visit different shops, bring your own container to buy nuts, go to the organic market to buy those summer fresh fruits we all love, as well as homemade bread and cheese.

When it comes to drinks, go for glass bottles or cans which are recyclable options. Let your guests know that they also should not bring any drinks in plastic bottles. People really don’t mind about these requests, don’t be shy to ask.

These are easy tools to make your party happen in a much more sustainable way, not only involving things you are going to use but involving your guests. In the end, you are not bringing awareness only to your life and your party, but everyone who is involved <3

Happy Mid Summer!